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Stephane Cabrera

Stephane Cabrera has been involved in combat sports on the highest level for more than twenty years.

stephane cabrera

In the late 90’s Stephane Cabrera had been holding positions of a French National and European representative of ISKA.

In 1994 Stephane Cabrera, together with Mr Olivier Muller, who was then a World president of ISKA, create the WKN, World Kickboxing Network.

The WKN federation was vastly developed and since then it is considered as the current World-leader in the sanctioning of kickboxing championships across the World. The WKN is known as the most active federation that obtains a several TV agreements with FOX Sports, Eurosport, Sky Sport and others.

The WKN unites the greatest kickboxers of all times under its’ brand including Jerome Le Banner, Tyrone Spong, Stefan Leko, Dmitri Shakuta, Loris Audoui, Jorge Acero Cali, Rayen Simson, Alexander Ustinov, Nathan Carnage Corbett and many more in over than 122 countries.

Stephane Cabrera is the WKN World President who is an authority in kickboxing and thai-boxing world market, known as one of the most experienced people in the field.

In 1998 Stephane Cabrera has also become the Vice-world President of IVC, International Vale Tudo Council. He has worked with Sergio Battarelli in Brazil promoting the first MMA bouts at the top level.

Stephane Cabrera is also a pioneer to import the sport of MMA to Europe where he was the first person to promote Vale Tudo MMA championships.

The majority of top MMA athletes, like Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, José Landi-Jons, Dan Severn, Gary Goodridge, Carlos Barreto and many others, coordinated by the IVC have become very famous in USA and Japan.

In 1998, after a meeting with Jean Christophe Courreges in Atlanta, Stephane Cabrera has succeed to introduce the sport of kick-boxing to Don King. The WKN World championship Le Banner vs Da Silva was included in the Evander Holyfield vs Vaughn Bean WBA & IBF boxing world championship.

Since then Stephane Cabrera has started professional boxing activities under the PPG promotion and participated as a matchmaker & promoter’s assistant in different event throughout Europe, Africa and USA with Don King company.

kickboxing title belt

Among everything, with the WKN Stephane Cabrera has succeed to involve renowned personas in kick-boxing sports such as Diego Maradona, Marvin Hagler, Mr President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Mike Tyson, Alain Delon, Néstor Kirchner former President of Argentina and many others that have provided the combat sports with the best attention and audience.