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Steve Smoger IBHOF Referee Outstanding Bigger’s Better

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

IBHOF Referee Steve ‘Double S’ Smoger recently spoke to Parviz Iskenderov of FIGHTMAG, sharing facts of his outstanding career, and his professional opinion from New Jersey, USA.

Steve Smoger Talks about Bigger's Better

‘Double S’ Smoger is a part of our popular Bigger’s Better series. Myself, I am a backbone of the group, being in charge of the digital media aspects. I’ve asked Steve what is his experience with BB.” Parviz Iskenderov.

“In my opinion, the exposure and recognition I received throughout Europe as a boxing official with the BB Team, played a significant role in my induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame – Class of 2015,” Steve Smoger.

“My experience with Bigger’s Better, Inc. (BB) was truly outstanding.”

“Working with the BB team, especially Jean-Christophe Courreges and Stephane Cabrera, was exciting and always a pleasure.”

“Officiating with the BB Team enabled me referee and judge highly competitive professional boxing matches throughout Europe on EuroSport Television Network.”

“As a result of working with BB,, indicates that I have officiated in more countries then any other American Professional Boxing Referee.”

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